The Science


The Science

Two decades of development and 5,000 test runs have shown Airia One to cut running time by 1-7%, regardless of running style or level. The company studied biomechanics to create the strongest running feel when wearing Airia One. The shoe makes sure that every step works with the different heights of the sole in directing the power in each stride to give runners the best of every microsecond. Every tiny push into the ground is optimized to advance you through to the next running step - this is the most detail ever put into each stride, and that is what makes Airia One the fastest shoe on the market today.

Inspired by the wheel, Airia One ensures that runners achieve that perfect feeling of flow. Uniquely designed irregular and sharply angled sole and upward-pointing toe harness the untapped power of the human body and doesn’t leak energy like other running shoes.

The result is a stronger, more natural stride with a faster and more enjoyable running experience. Moreover, the angles and functions of the shoe maximize responsiveness for every microsecond in every step.

The Testing

Our latest test included 100 runners of all types (forefoot-, midfoot, and heel-strikers), and was based on the methodology of Dr. Timothy D. Noakes. We used the most reliable trial - Double 5km All-Out Timed trial (on an indoors 200m banked track). Airia One performed 2.16% faster against one top running shoe and 1.26% faster than another. Airia One was also tested in Ethiopia to see how it performs in extreme conditions, worn by top athletes. The results were similar to the above - with a clear advantage of the previous fastest running shoes.

The Fit

Airia One fits beautifully on the foot thanks to the classic derby cut of the upper. The lining is soft and durable with just the right touch of lightweight foam cushioning. Sturdy heel cap keeps the foot firmly in place with the perfect amount of support. The upper is made of a comfortably airy mesh with an open nylon textile top that retains breathability and greatly improves durability. Non-stitch microfiber protects the toe, lacing, and heel cap from unnecessary wear. Inside Airia One is a high performance insert from market leader, Ortholite®, with X40 material for maximum rebound.

The patent pending outsole is the key behind the extraordinary feeling and speed you get from Airia One. It is manufactured by market-leading Vibram from durable high friction rubber and with a lightweight EVA midsole.