Frequently Asked Questions

Will I actually run faster with Airia One?
Yes, you probably will, but the results vary from person to person. Some runners have increased their pace by as much as 7 %, but some people reported a 1% decrease. 8 out of 10 people reported positive results! We don’t believe in a shoe that’s optimal for everybody, you just have to try for yourself to find out if Airia One makes you faster or not.

How does it work – really?
Our theory: a biomechanical difference affects each stride. Muscles are utilized in unique capacities, and since our shoes alter the muscular usage patterns with a unique design, you will be able to run faster and/or longer, especially at your maximum efforts.

How were the tests conducted?

The majority of tests were performed on 5 km distances. A sample group of 10 runners was selected (all size EU 42 / US 8) for each test. 2 separate runs were conducted in a 2-5 day period. Runners were told to restrain from serious exercise between runs, and to not drink alcohol for at least 24 hours prior to the run. Shoes were randomized, our test shoe A or a competitors shoe B. Runs were conducted indoor, in a track and field arena to make sure conditions were the same all the time. We then compared times of test A with test B and performed a Wilcoxon signed rank test of the results. To make sure the test setup was not compromised in any way, we also did tests where shoe A and shoe B tested were identical. In that scenario, results were nearly identical.

Why didn’t you use a standard running effectiveness test

We believe that Sub max tests based on a certain percentage of the VO2 Max isn't the best way to predict running performance. Competitive running isn't only aerobic and that is the simple answer to why they don't work. All out time trials on shorter distances have proved to be a much better predictor of race performance on longer distances. That's why we use time trials.

What do you mean when you speak of a better running feel?

Runners who tested our shoes not only run faster, they get a different and better feeling from running. Most people report that they feel stronger and have an improved posture.

Is there a breaking in period?

Although our shoe is equally effective in forefoot strikers, mid foot and heel strikers, there is a tendency for heavy heel strikers to change their muscle usage pattern. Some have experienced sore calves. Always listen to your body’s response, it’s not to be taken lightly.

Are there any injury risks associated with Airia One?

Apart from some muscle soreness we haven’t come across any injuries during our tests. However, running is associated with some risks of injury. There is, in our opinion, not enough data available today to say anything regarding how the Airia One running shoes relate to running injuries. As always, weather you run in Airia One shoes or any other running shoes, listen to your body’s response, it’s not to be taken lightly.

Is there a social or media community for the Airia concept?

Currently, we have a Facebook page at, and there’s more in progress. Please feel free to offer suggestions.

Money back guarantee, how does it work?

If you aren’t satisfied, simply e-mail us your order information and we will contact you and help you where to ship the product. Once we receive the product, a full refund or replacement will be issued.

Is international shipping available?

Yes, we ship to anywhere in the world from either EU, US or Hong-Kong.

Who pays customs on my international delivery?

You are liable for any import fees and customs duties in your country, outside the US or the EU.

Is Airia One available for resellers, distributors or agents?

We are only looking for resellers interested in dealing directly with us at this time. However, please contact us with specifics and we’ll look into it.