About the company

Airia is committed to research and develop the fastest running shoes in the world. The first shoe produced is Airia One which is, as far as we know, superior to any other running shoe on the market today when it comes to speed.

Airia has a global perspective on its business that is why Airia market and sell its product to all countries in the world.

Primary distribution channel is direct to end users through the company’s official e-commerce site.

Airia majority owner is Arbesko Gruppen AB the mother company of Arbesko AB, Swedens leading safety shoe manufacturer.

Airia headquarter is located in Örebro, a small town in the middle of Sweden which got their letter of City Privileges around 1260.


Svante Berggren, runner and inventor started out in 1992 with a belief that the impossible was within reach, a shoe which helps you run faster. He worked alone until 2000 when he met with Arbesko, Sweden’s leading safety shoe manufacturer. Managed and owned by a family whom have been in the shoe business for more than 170 years.

Together we set out on a journey that have lasted for over 12 years. With innumerable prototypes developed and tested we have managed to fulfill Mr. Berggrens dream of a faster shoe.


Airia AB
Box 16 42
701 16 Örebro

Airia AB
Propellervägen 5
702 26 Örebro

Telephone: +46 19 30 66 00
Fax: +46 19 30 66 50
E-mail: hello@airiarunning.com