Press release, new Swedish invention – a biomechanically optimized running shoe that helps you run faster

October 30, 2013

Press release November 2013


Meet Airia One – a new running shoe designed like nothing you have seen – or felt – before. Solid tests reveal that runners wearing Airia shave their running times by 1-2 percent (and some of them up to 7 percent), regardless of ability or running style. Perhaps more importantly, it provides a stronger running feel. Airia is the result of more than two decades of development, over 5,000 test runs, and a persistent will to create a running shoe that unleashes the natural power of the human body.

After years of development, Airia is about to launch a concept that will revolutionize the way we look at running shoes. Airia One’s construction is inspired by the wheel, to ensure runners achieve that perfect feeling of flow. The shoe has a unique design featuring an irregular and sharply angled sole and upward-pointing toe. It harnesses untapped power in the human body and doesn’t leak energy like other running shoes do. In fact, it unleashes the power of a stride for a faster and more enjoyable running experience.

“The idea for our shoe entered the mind of Svante Berggren, a Swedish runner and inventor many years ago. He wanted to improve running and make the world’s fastest running shoe. After innumerable sketches, prototypes, tests, adjustments and improvements, we are now able to present a truly unique shoe. From tests, we know that heel, mid and forefoot runners alike can benefit from the shoe. It is fun to run in the shoe. You feel strong and light. Airia is bringing a new paradigm to the development of sports shoes,” says Mattias Geisler, CEO Airia Running.

Tests show that runners wearing Airia shave times by 1 percent on average, and some of them up to 7 percent. To develop the shoe Airia has used scientific methods to find out what does and does not work. The shoe is light and features a biomechanically optimized geometry with an unstable and irregular, sharply angled sole to help you move forward as fast as possible. The angles and functions of the shoe have been analyzed and constructed to maximize responsiveness for every microsecond in every step.

An evolution with minimalistic bearing

Airia One has an asymmetric design which combines a zero drop with a 6 mm drop sole. This allows you to run with less ground contact time and helps to keep the power in the stride more in line with the running direction.

“The power in a single running step is amazing. But so much of this energy is lost in each step. We are now starting to understand how we can tap into this unbelievable force to release hidden power. I believe we are at the beginning of an unprecedented time when runners will push boundaries and break records. This is our goal and this shoe is our stepping stone,” Mattias Geisler continues.

A running shoe you cannot walk in

Airia One was developed strictly for running and should therefore not be used as a walking shoe. The sole is produced by Vibram, world leader in high performance rubber soles. Airia is suitable for all kinds of runners – competitive athletes, truly committed runners who demand only the best as well as people living busy lives and enjoying running for recreation and fitness.

Airia will be available for pre-order from November 2013 at and will be listed at US$ 190.00 plus local taxes and duties. Deliveries are planned to start Spring 2014.

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Founded 2010 in Örebro, Sweden. A running shoe company sprung out of Arbesko, Sweden’s leading manufacturer of high quality footwear designed for safety, work and occupational settings by a line of shoe entrepreneurs with more than 170 years of shoe development heritage.


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